What is music cognition?
When you talk with people about musicality, you often get reactions like ‘Oh, but I’m not musical at all’ or ‘I’m hopeless at keeping a tune’. But if you pursue the matter, it turns out most of these people have shelves full of CDs and often listen to music with the greatest of pleasure. Why is it people have such a low opinion of themselves when it comes to their own musicality?

Recent music cognition research shows that listeners are more musical than they think. Music plays with our hearing, our memory, our emotions and our expectations in a fascinating way. But as listeners we’re often unaware of the fact that we ourselves play an active role in what makes music so exhilarating, soothing and inspiring. In reality, the listening doesn’t happen in the outer world of audible sound but in the inner world of our minds and brains (from: Musical Cognition).

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